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Your digital life is at risk.

SYBA gives your family office the best tools to improve their cyber hygiene.
See what we can do for your family office

We are here to help & prevent.

You protect your family at home with solid locks, cameras, an alarm system, and many more precautions. But with the cyber landscape changing daily, and new online threats looming around the corner, protecting your family's online presence has become as essential. 

Family Office


Representing Individual Families:

  • The family has a dedicated helpdesk for security incidents incurred by their own employees.

  • The family can designate an employee of the Family Office to act on behalf of their family towards SYBA Security Inc.

  • The family gets its own dedicated SYBA security report.


Representing Multiple Families:

  • SYBA security services protect the family office employees.

  • The Family Office has a dedicated helpdesk for security incidents involving its employees.

  • The Family Office gets its own dedicated SYBA security report.

Be safe online in your own home or while traveling.

We help and guide you and your family to be safe on social networking sites. In addition, we provide up-to-date tips and tricks, a 24/7 call service, insurance, and cyber training.

We take the proactive approach rather than the reactive approach of our competitors.

Nowadays, it is customary to do our banking and shopping online; we spend a lot of our time and finances through online services. So make sure it is safe to do so and check if your network is secure, whether your e-mail addresses have been in a data breach and the status of your social media accounts.

A girl in a tiki tent using her phone on a tripod to make a video.
Two girls using a laptop to make their homework.
An adult using her laptop for what seems to be work.
Online Protection

Surf safely anywhere and without any worries. With our tools, you will know whether taking care of social and financial businesses is safe. Learn more...

Syba Training Plan

We want to make the internet safer for children by teaching them about online security. It's never too early to learn online security best practices. Learn more...

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