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Cyber Castle

With the Cyber Castle package Syba will test the by us identified vulnerabilities can be exploited to access your home network externally. The following services are included:

  • Make inventory of network infrastructure setup (internet provider, wifi setup, firewall, NAS,  cloud services, …)

  • Execute a wifi and network scan and identify all devices and users

  • List and manage all connected devices

  • List all installed software and last software updates

  • Control on passwords strength, change policy and password management

  • Analyse email security

  • Check on backup procedures of data (e-mail, photos, documents, …)

  • Cybersecurity Home Scorecard and report

  • Access to your Syba Buddy by email and phone

  • Perform a vulnerability scan

  • Perform malware scan on listed devices

  • Perform a phishing campaign for all family members

  • Online security awareness training

  • Perform an external penetration test


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