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Digital Security in One Solution.

Our Syba Tools

Perfect for
24/7 Cyber Support

Our cyber experts will guide you through solutions and help you with questions regarding your cyber security.

$1 Million Insurance

We offer assistance with covered losses due to identity theft or other cyber attacks where funds have been stolen.

Syba Training Plan

Our professional training plan aims to educate you about the dangers of cyberattacks and how simple actions such as a longer password can make a difference.

Keep your home Cyber-safe!

You don't always notice, but hackers are on the watch, looking for a vulnerability in your home network, via which they can exploit personal and company data. Employees and their families are an overlooked vulnerability of the company's network. But with Syba, this can be controlled and protected. We have developed a one-stop, user-friendly app that will scan, monitor, and educate about home network security.

Learn more about SYBA. Act now and make your home Cyber-safe; choose one of our plans.

A dad and his two children looking at a Windows tablet.

SYBA is for everyone! Whether you are an employer who wants to protect its workforce or someone who wants their family to be safe, SYBA is here to help & prevent.

Syba is Unique

$52 Billion

has been estimated as a financial loss due to identity theft and fraud in 2022.

SYBA will help prevent cyber events such as identity theft and ransomware... by scanning and monitoring your wifi network, devices connected to that network, your email addresses and verify your social media usernames with one user-friendly app. 

Compared to others, we even go a step further to ensure that your employees and their families feel cyber-safe at home. This by offering cyber family insurance and professional help with our 24/7 call center when such events occur. At SYBA, prevention includes behavioral change, which we will create with our specialized training plans.


of all Americans were impacted by identity theft in 2021


of US teenagers have been a victim of cyberbullying 

Why do you need SYBA?

A young woman getting frustrated
Relieve the Workload of the company's IT Help Desk

Syba users can reach our help desk 24/7 with any concerns and questions, which will relieve the company's IT help desk, but also provides the employees help outside the working place and hours

Positive Impact on Company Image

Positive impact on company image as your company protects customer data by taking extra steps no other company takes

Cyber-safe Anytime Anywhere

You want to be cyber-safe anytime and anywhere

Training & Prevention Tips
Reduce Insurance Premium

We create the possibility to reduce your company's cyber insurance premium.

Cyber Help Desk

Your employees have 24/7 access to our US and EU help desks 

Get In Control

You want better control over your digital life

Privacy Legislation

You will be ahead of US legislation. Our tools and data will help your company to comply with GDPR regulations

Hiring or Retention Asset

Use it as a hiring or retention asset as you can offer it as an employer benefit

Receive training and prevention tips

I want to Protect

The home network is now part of the corporate network, so be sure to protect it with SYBA!

" This is the first solution that I see that is really about behavior change"

What our Customers Say

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