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Our Mission

We help, prevent and protect families and individuals to become and stay cyber-resilient by offering a one-stop online cyber security service.

A skyline of the historical city of Bruges, Belgium.

Brugge, Belgium

The Collaborative Journey of
Francis & Brigitte

In the world of cybersecurity, the focus has primarily been on protecting the corporate sector. However, Brigitte and Francis, two passionate individuals, realized the need to extend this protection to families. Motivated by their shared vision, they embarked on a transformative journey that led to the creation of an innovative app.

However, they understood that even the most vigilant family member could be hacked. To address this concern, they decided to integrate a cyber security call center and a personal cyber insurance services, providing comprehensive cyber protection for families. 

A Shared Passion

Francis and Brigitte, driven by their deep-rooted concern for the online safety of their family, teenagers, and children, came together with a shared mission. Recognizing the lack of dedicated solutions for

family in the cybersecurity landscape, they knew they had to take action. Inspired by their collective experiences and expertise. They set out to make a difference in the lives of young digital citizens and their parents. 

The skyline of Atlanta taken from Piedmont Park.

Skyline of Atlanta, Georgia

From Idea to Reality

Their collaborative efforts gave birth to an idea that aimed to create a safe digital environment for anywhere. Francis, with his technical prowess, envisioned an app that would allow parents and their kids to explore and learn online

without compromising their privacy and security. Brigitte, with her legal background, added invaluable insights to ensure the app would cater to the unique needs of the users to protect their digital environment. 

The Future

Looking toward the future, Francis and Brigitte envisioned their cybersecurity solution extending beyond just families. As digital transformation continues to reshape the corporate landscape, executives and high-level professionals are increasingly reliant on technology.

Brigitte and Francis understand that the risks associated with cyber threats extend to professionals at all levels, regardless of age. Therefore, they are committed and also adapted their solution to cater to the unique needs of the corporate world. 

To Be Continued ...

Join Francis and Brigitte, and their team as they strive to build a future where cybersecurity is a fundamental aspect of every individual's digital journey. Together, they envision a world where

both families and professionals can harness the full potential of technology, knowing they are protected by a comprehensive cybersecurity solution designed with their unique needs in mind. 

A sailboat reflecting the safety we want to bring through Syba.

The picture of the sailboat perfectly captures the sentiment that SYBA wishes parents and professionals to experience when they contemplate the cyber landscape. It symbolizes a sense of being in a secure harbor, surrounded by safety and protection provided by SYBA.

Our Leadership Team


CFO / Co-founder

Our Syba Teams

Marketing Team

Like digital superheroes, syba’s marketing team shields the realm of online safety for families and individuals. Armed with persuasive words and captivating visuals and videos, they craft Syba’s...

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Cyber Helpdesk Team

Our Syba 24/7 helpdesk team is a dedicated group of experts who specialize in providing comprehensive support and assistance to customers facing any cyber security concerns... 

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Full Stack DevOps Team

Syba’s highly skilled full-stack DevOps team in Belgium and Brazil ensures the continuous availability and security of our cyber security app, keeping it live and protected from potential threats...

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