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Our Products

Syba gives you the best tools to improve your cyber hygiene.


Our Cyber Security App

With our cyber security app, you can test the security of your internet connection at home and when traveling, check if your emails are in data breaches, and check where your username is used on social media websites.

The Syba Mobile App
Social Media

Besides your email addresses, we can also check where your username(s) are used on social media platforms and other websites. This way the probability of identity theft can be massively reduced. Syba can be your eyes and ears on the internet.

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Our 24/7 Syba Helpdesk

Our help desk will help you with any questions 24/7. Cyber experts will guide you through solutions and help restore your data when you are a victim of a cyber attack.

Please don't hesitate to call your Syba buddy through the app. Even the most minor questions or concerns are valid reasons to call. We are here to make you feel safe and help to understand how to undertake actions.

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Our Insurance

As the prevalence of malicious cyber activity increases, protecting and improving your cyber health has never been more necessary. 

We offer financial coverage from $100K. Costs covering cyber ransomware, online fraud, and cyberbullying. In case of a successful cyber attack, we will not just cover your losses, but we will also assist you throughout the whole claims process.

We are here to protect your digital life.


Our Training Plan

At Syba, we believe in behavioral change. Our professional training plan aims to educate you on the dangers and how to make your home network cyber-safe so that your personal & company data cannot be accessed through your home network. 

Through simple steps and explanations, you will learn how to protect your digital life and that of others.

The lessons are accessible to everyone, no matter your knowledge! 
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