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Frequently Asked Questions

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Who will be insured?

Every family member, even when the device is not monitored. 

Where and when are you protected an insured?

At all times, at home, and while traveling. 

What happens if a family member is not using the app?

Even when the monitoring is not on for different reasons, you and all your family members are insured. We will, of course, do everything together with you to get you as soon as possible back on the monitoring as this can really help your cyber hygiene. 

Whom do we call and when?

You can call the helpdesk 24/7, with any questions! Push the call button within the app and you will be connected through. 

Who is it for?

Families, individuals, C-level, and board members. 

Are there any hidden costs or conditions?

There are no deductibles, no conditions, or additional actions after paying syba. A contract is a 12-month contract. If you are breached during those 12 months, your premium will not increase in that period. 

What's the difference with other cyber security companies like antivirus software companies?

We combine cyber prevention and cyber insurance in one service, backed by our 24/7 helpdesk, while other companies just offer antivirus services or cyber insurance. Most standard antivirus software focuses only on malware or ransomware attacks. If cyber insurance is offered, it tends to only cover online identity theft protection. 

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