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Your digital life is at risk.

Syba gives your workforce the best tools to improve their cyber hygiene.

Working from home is here to stay.

So it is essential to know that employees working from home are an extension of the company and can create a hacking vulnerability towards the company's data. By offering them SYBA, you can help make those homes cyber-safe, train the families to be cyber-secure, and help protect the company from cyber-attacks.

78% of US enterprises will shift permanently to remote work. These organizations indicate they will have at least some portion of their workforce working remotely one or more days a week for the next 5 years. 

The Future of Cybersecurity in the New World of Work, Forrester, 2021


of cyber attacks result from home internet router flows.


of new cyber attacks target remote workers.

Young adolescent using her laptop while petting her dog.
Now more than ever, the home network has become part of the corporate network

How we can help Lawyers like you?

Regardless of your size, location, and practice area, law firms are valuable targets for cyber theft and ransom. 

You handle a wealth of sensitive information on a daily basis, and clients want this to be protected. But with data breaches evolving and threatening the privacy of clients’ sensitive information and the firms’ reputation, protecting the workforce has become even more critical. So reassure your clients that all their information is safe and protected by taking action and becoming a Syba user. 

The Syba App

With our app's simple use, you can ensure you are safe when you work outside the safety net of the office network. Because, as a lawyer, you tend to work wherever you can.

Just one data breach can harm your reputation as a lawyer, and you can face severe fines and legal actions, but with the Syba insurance, you will be covered outside of the office.


Confidentiality is a core principle of being a lawyer, so take your cyber security to the next level with SYBA and protect what you stand for!


Of law firms report serious financial consequences of cyber attacks.


Of law firms with 50-100 employees reported a data breach

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